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This is the most grounded and technologically possible form of IA (intelligence Amplification i have come up with so far https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Intelligence_amplification Recently a 3D printed skull was succesfully implanted in another human being. You can read more about it here: http://www.nbcnews.com/science/science-news/medical-first-3-d-printed-skull-successfully-implanted-woman-n65576

I was thinking, what if we could artificially enlarge the skull. Then fill the empty space with neurons.

We could potentially double or triple the size of our brains, particularly the frontal lobe.
Unfortunately, by adding new neurons to the system, you could "disrupt" the connections that have already been made. Which means you could lose skills and knowledge in the process. You could potentially have to relearn basic things such as hand eye coordination. It would be partly as if your brain was in its infancy again.

You can eventually relearn those skills, but the fact that you could lose them is a problem.

Will the potential loss in skill, be worth the gain in intelligence?

What's even more amazing, is that we have the technology to do this Right Now.
This is not some quest set in the far future. The technology to do this, exists now, and has existed for quite some time.

All that needs to be done, is test/experiments.
Tests to see how the new neurons interact with the original, if at all, Tests where we enlarge the brain at different ages, tests where we enlarge the brain by varying sizes, tests where we enlarge specifically different parts of the brain. Tests to see the debilitating effects of potentially having to relearn things. Tests to see if the body will naturally grow blood vessels to deliver oxygen to these new parts of the brain, or will we have to make them ourselves? Tests that test the increase of intelligence based off of the newly formed neurons. The reassuring fact, is that we have the technology to do these tests/experiments.

In fact, we already have. A test was recently done where researchers injected human glial cells into the brains of mouse pups. What ended up happening next is incredibly fascinating. The glial cells began to rapidly take over the mouses brain, over taking the mouses natural brain cells. Stopping only when they had reached the physical limits of the space.

Here is a link: https://www.newscientist.com/article/dn26639-the-smart-mouse-with-the-half-human-brain/

The effects on the mouses intelligence were greatly apparent, it was far more intelligent than its peers. It's intelligence was potentially increased by 4x or more. And what is even more interesting was how simple it was to carry out this experiment. Most of the work was done for the researchers by the cells themselves. As said from one of the researchers "That the cells work at all in a different species is amazing". As you can see the seemingly complex task of effectively amplifying our intelligence is far simpler than it seems on the surface. This is a pattern i am beginning to see in areas of research involving playing with the brains mechanisms. As shown in this ted talk on the expansion of our Umwelts, https://www.ted.com/talks/david_eagleman_can_we_create_new_senses_for_humans?language=en, in the process of allowing this paraplegic woman to control a robotic arm with just her thoughts http://www.medicalnewstoday.com/articles/287120.php, or in the programming of neural networks. It does not require a complete understanding of how the brain works, in order to exploit it. We should further continue doing tests and experiments in this area, we could first try by simply repeating this test, but this time start by artificially enlarging the skull, as said before, the growth only stopped once it reached the physical limitations of the space. What should then follow next is an abnormal increase in brain size, filling up the entire space available. This would only be one experiment among the multitude of experiments that would be carried out. All of them eventually leading up to the amplification of human intelligence.

As shown in this image a arguably small difference in brain size. Has changed us from apes that throw feces at each other.

To a species, that can mold the topography of the earth to its will. 

                To a species that can peer into the depths of the most fundamental building blocks of matter.

To a species that went from mere fist banging, to harnessing the power of nuclear fission. Gaining the very real ability to completely annihilate the planet from which they came.

To a species that cannot only gaze up at the stars. But can, and has, made the attempt to reach them. 

Successfully leaving the surface of their home world, and such, is now a space faring civilization.

Humans, instead of changing themselves to fit the environment, changed the environment to fit themselves.

If we can do all of this, simply as a result of such a small increase in brain size. Imagine what a person could do, if it were to double, or triple the size of its brain? The problems of today, would seem trivial in the face of such a being.

Isn't it fascinating? A living organism, is able to perceive itself, and the things around it. Able to question its own existence. Is able to change and bend things to its will. Is able to see the connection between its processing power, and its capabilities. Then make the decision to enhance its processing power, to further increase the range of its capabilities.

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